- all submissions must be sent through our Submittable account (emailed submissions will not be read)

- first publication only - means your story or image can’t be published elsewhere, including on a blog, social media account, etc. 

- simultaneous submissions, no worries, just let us know if your work has been accepted somewhere else

- multiple submissions are fine, just submit them one file at a time

Flash Fiction 

- max 500 words, no minimum

- use Times New Roman

- use font size 12

- double space 

- use page numbers

- no name, email, address, etc. anywhere on submitted work


- jpeg please (if we need or want a different file type we will ask you)

- low resolution images, keep the file size below 1mb (again, if we need something bigger we will contact you directly)

- we are interested in anything and everything visual, from classic b&w pics to anime fan art to collage and anything in between or beyond


- for now our blog is by invitation only, but if you do have something you think would be great for it then drop us an email - no attachments - either copy/paste or type your idea in the body of the email

More Details 

- we pay using PayPal

- payment is made in Canadian dollars

- payment is $20 for both flash fiction and art (excluding our Done in a Hundred & Opolis anthologies), minus any processing fees due to locale, etc. (this rarely happens)

- give us a month to get back to you about the status of a submission, we try to do it faster but you know sometimes things get in the way

- if its been over a month feel free to query us about the status of your submission via email 

- by submitting writers/artists acknowledge: that NUNUM asks any reprints give first publication credit to NUNUM


You can submit up to 3 stories per submission.  

Please submit each story as a separate file (doc, docx, pages or txt).

Please use the story's name for the filename.


You can submit 1 story per submission of no more than 500 words in length.

Feedback is story specific and will reference both overarching and line-level elements.


Attach a single file only. Make sure the word count is under 500. If you have any specific concerns or questions you would like answered please put them in the 'Specific Feedback Requests' section of the application. Within 14 days you will receive:

  • line level edits, nit picky lexical level feedback on every word in your story
  • four pages of focused, direct feedback concerning the craft, voice and style elements of your story
  • personalized submission advice to at least five journals with open calls for writing that suit your story perfectly
  • 14 day turn around means your story can be ready for that submission call you are dying to make
  • guaranteed to be the best 25 bucks you ever spent and thousands of times cheaper than an MFA

In the broadest sense of the word, submissions need to be sci-fi focused.

Max. story length is 1000 words.

Beyond that, just send your best.

Opolis is a flash fiction sci-fi anthology published by NUNUM and is scheduled for release in June 2024.

All contributors will receive a free electronic version of the anthology.

There is no submission fee.

You can submit 1 story per submission.

Please submit story as a doc, docx, pages or txt file.

500 max. word limit.

One submission per person per free submission period. Subsequent submissions will be deleted unread.

NUNUM's free submission period opens periodically during the year but is active at least once per issue.

Follow us on Twitter (@NUNUMunofficial), Instagram (@NUNUM.unofficial) and Facebook (@NUNUM.unofficial) to stay in the know.

NUNUM is very happy to announce our latest project, Done in a Hundred.
The basics:
- a hundred words or less (not including the title)
And that is it. No theme, no genre limits, no nothing, just your best in a hundred words or less.
The anthology is scheduled for release in Dec. 2024 in print and digital formats.
All contributors will receive a digital writer's copy of the anthology after publication.
If you have previously submitted to the anthology, please wait until the 2025 anthology submission period to submit again.