- all submissions must be sent through our Submittable account (emailed submissions will not be read)

- first publication only - means your story or image can’t be published elsewhere, including on a blog, social media account, etc. 

- simultaneous submissions, no worries, just let us know if your work has been accepted somewhere else

- multiple submissions are fine, just submit them one file at a time

Flash Fiction 

- max 500 words, no minimum

- use Times New Roman

- use font size 12

- double space 

- use page numbers

- no name, email, address, etc. anywhere on submitted work


- jpeg please (if we need or want a different file type we will ask you)

- low resolution images, keep the file size below 1mb (again, if we need something bigger we will contact you directly)

- we are interested in anything and everything visual, from classic b&w pics to anime fan art to collage and anything in between or beyond


- for now our blog is by invitation only, but if you do have something you think would be great for it then drop us an email - no attachments - either copy/paste or type your idea in the body of the email

More Details 

- we pay using PayPal

- payment is made in Canadian dollars

- payment is $20 for both flash fiction and art, minus any processing fees due to locale, etc. (this rarely happens)

- give us a month to get back to you about the status of a submission, we try to do it faster but you know sometimes things get in the way

- if its been over a month feel free to query us about the status of your submission via email 

- by submitting writers/artists acknowledge: NUNUM requires first-time North American publishing rights with the right to reprint submissions in subsequent anthologies even after publication rights have reverted back to author. Accepted work is subject for use in any future anthologies or design projects, both digital and print, and NUNUM asks that any reprints give first publication credit to NUNUM.

The best of our 2018 run in full colour. Forty-eight pages of flash fiction and art blended in the way you've come to expect from NUNUM. 

Inside you'll find gems from Erica Gonsalves, Michael Guynn, Zoe Ballering, Karen Kao, Catherine Skinner, Russell Helms, Anita Goveas, Ina Roy-Faderman, Jon Fox and Leah Dockrill. Plus a few more little surprises that are sure to make the rest of your day oh so right.

Shipping is free but delivery times will vary (1 to 3 weeks).

Please contact with any questions.